A.R.D.B.I. is an association founded on the 1rst November 2008 in Italy. It gathers both women and men who come from the district of BOUSSOUMA (département de BOUSSOUMA). BOUSSOUMA is located in the province of BOULGOU/CENTRE-EAST of BURKINA FASO in west Africa. Now, you can also find many of its members (A.R.D.B.I) throughout Europe, in countries such as France, Belgium, Holland, Malta and many more.

Our association is apolitical and all the members are called to contribute in a solidarity way without distinction of religion, sex and political believe. The aim of the association is to start initiatives/ projects and international cooperation in order to help and offer many opportunities to the compatriots who live in BURKINA FASO. Furthermore, the members also sustain the district of BOUSSOUMA in many field such as education and health.

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